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Exotic Pet care

Here at South Coast Pet Hospital, we love and care for all creatures. We specialize in small mammals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, etc. treatment and surgery. We also do extensive work with local rescue organizations, such as “Bunny Bunch,” which helps thousands of orphaned and/or sick and injured rabbits.

Services for our exotic friends include, but are not limited to:

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Quick Tips

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By namesake alone, these creatures are very special and require unique care and insight.

It is very important for our pocket pets to receive the proper nutrition. Our doctors recommend a diet consisting of 80% grass hay, 10% vegetables, 5% healthy pellets, and 5% healthy treats.


Just like us, every pet is individual and deserve care that is just as individual as they are. For the best advice and information to ensuring your pet is living its best life, come in and speak to one of our highly experienced veterinarians so you can have the most time as you can with your pocket pet.

Always make sure your pet maintains a healthy appetite and elimination. If your pocket pet loses interest in food or stops eating, please call our office right away at (714) 979-7387. Your pet may be in the beginning stages of gastrointestinal stasis, which is a life-threatening condition.