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“I came in to have a feral/stray cat (Kevin) neutered and vaccinated and fixed the wound/abscess on his eye from a cat fight. It was Dr. Aramburu who fixed my cat. He called me and let me know how everything went when Kevin was recovering from all his surgeries. He had some very positive things to say about Kevin When Kevin was finished at the and it was time to pick Kevin up, he gave me specific instructions on how to take care of him. Dr. Aramburu is very warm and personable. He took care of my cat like it was his own. He answered a few of my questions that were off topic. He is a great vet. The staff there is very friendly. You have very reasonable prices when it comes to vaccines. I am seriously considering bringing all my cats here. Thank you guys so much for a great experience. I am so glad that I was referred to you by 17th Street Animal Hospital.You guys are awesome. Thank you. Keep up the good work. – Sam February 2018”

“We have a total of (6) dogs and they are all patients of Dr. Kummar and Dr. A. They are kind, patient and are always willing to go above and beyond for their clients. Their pricing is also very fair. I highly recommend SCPH. -Kate January 2019”

“This place was amazing. I brought my rabbit here around the last week of December because I started to notice that her skin color was turning black in a area I brushed her. I let a couple of days to go by because I thought it may have been her fur coming out, she’s a black bunny, but nothing was coming out and it had been weeks and she started to get dandruff. I arrived there at the time I had made the appointment. They placed me in a room within minutes of checking in. Two different people took a look at her and the doctor who helped me out diagnosed her but they ran tests to confirm the diagnoses which I was ok with . They gave me medicine and they showed me how to apply it and they were very through about what may happen and what to look out for in case she gets better or worse and they thoroughly answered any questions and concerns I had. They informed me that the results for one of the tests was going to take a couple of days and that they would call me. Sure enough they called me a couple of days later to confirm what she had I went for her medicine about a week later. Her treatments took about a month to finish. And a month later my bun is doing great and her skin look healthy and pink with no dandruff! (: Everyone was very welcoming and extremely friendly and I love how they treated my bun Charcoal. They treated her as I would treat her and I really appreciated that. This is officially Charcoals vet. I highly recommend this place for any rabbit owners . -Panduhh January 2019”

“Dr. Kumar is a great vet!!! She has been taking care of our bunnies for many years and we areextremely thankful for her care. Not only does she treat the animals well but she also cares human beings. Her staff is also very friendly and helpful. If you have bunnies, you should go to Dr. Kumar. She is the best bunny doctor.” – August 2017

“I highly recommend South Coast Pet Hospital to anyone that has rabbits. Dr. Connors helped one of my rabbits overcome GI stasis, a condition often fatal in rabbits, and has also treated one with chronic rhinosinusitis. I’ll be bringing all of my pets to him!” – Monica, June 2017

“You can tell they really care about you and your pet. Dr. Kumar ensures professional care at great prices!” – Michayla, June 2017

“Dr. Kumar and crew are amazing! They have gone beyond the call of duty to ensure the care of my dog and my satisfaction of service. Very reasonably priced which is just a bonus. Only the best for my pup!” – Nicholas, February 2017

“I don’t know where to begin other than South Coast Pet Hospital has truly been a blessing!!  Dr. Kumar and Dr. B are the most amazing Vets I have EVER met. They truly have a love and passion for dogs. There so friendly and prompt. I have a 13 year old Doberman/ Shepard mix Sugar they have been treating for years. They have saved her in more ways then one. I drop by and call all the time and they are always so attentive and willing to do whatever they can. There staff is always professional and nice. Very clean and affordable. Office visit is $ 39.00. They have low cost vaccination clinic on certain days. They work with you on all your pets needs. They all will go the extra mile if you need anything. Another plus is they offer grooming!! Location is perfect as well, located next to Target in the Bristol shopping center.  If you need to leave your pet you can and go do a little shopping :)  I just can’t say how much I truly love this place!! I would recommend it to anyone I see. Here’s another reason why, few years back Sugar was diagnosed  from Dr. Kumar with “degenerative myelopathy” and nerve disorder of the hind legs and with time may never be able to walk again.  My heart literally sank with sadness, who’s wouldn’t I had had her all her life to hear that news was awful. Upon finding out Dr. Kumar hugged me and shared her own person struggle with this. She also being as busy as she was comforted me and said ” We will get through this we all love Sugar and are here for you.” At that point I knew she had a heart of gold and I found an amazing place. Since then Sugar has had many trials and tribulations with Dr. Kumar and Dr. B excellent care they both fulfilled them all with love. Did I also mention she is affordable?? We’ll they are and if your reading this and are a pet owner go and visit them!!!! You won’t regret it.  I love South Coast Pet Hosptial and everyone in it.” – Shereen, August 2014

“I finally found an excellent vet who really cares. I have been going here for a year now and they exactly know what is going on with my senior dog, Hero. Hero had severe diarrhea and major heart issues when I took him in and they went over his issues step by step in details and fully explained what needed to be done. Their quote was 30% cheaper than the one I received from Lakewood Animal hospital where I used to take hero to. The prescriptions were also about 35% cheaper. I really want to thank Dr. B and her staff for their kind service and expertise. My Hero won’t be here today with me if it wasn’t for them. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who wants their pets to be treated as they would want to be treated when they   get sick. Great job South Coast Hospital and Thank You Again!!!” – James C., January 2015

“Took my guinea Sly to get neutered yesterday. Reasonably priced. GREAT STAFF! GREAT EXPERIENCE! ! I would highly recommend this vet.” – Andy A., January 2015

“I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Hassett. She is knowledgeable, kind and compassionate.  Her demeanor puts you at ease while she is giving your pet the best treatment, sets your mind at ease which is priceless – you pet owner’s know what I’m talking about. My 15 month old Golden had an issue from being neutered the week before and Dr. Hassett was able to see him right away, diagnose the issue correctly and he was home within an hour resting comfortably.” – Cindy, January 2015

“Dr. Kumar and her staff are the nicest and reasonably priced vets in town! We have 2 french bulldogs who both have A LOT of health problems, so I feel fully qualified to write a review as I have spent quite a bit of time at South Coast Pet Hospital with Dr. Kumar and her staff.  Dr. Kumar and Dr. B both have an intense love for animals- that is clear. They are not unwilling to get down on the floor and kiss and soothe my pups who are nervous. Also, they don’t rush through appointments and will spend time answering “basic” (aka a nice way of saying dumb) questions in regards to pet care, ailments, or medication. Also, they are very responsive over the phone or via email should you have a follow up question. The staff is also very friendly and fun! But here’s the best part, the cost in so much cheaper than all the other vets I’ve taken my dogs to before we found South Coast Pet Hospital. In fact, about half as much. Dr. Kumar treats a lot of low income families with pets and she even has clinic days where animals can get shots for very cheap if you are willing to wait in line (I’m not that patient but that’s awesome!). I can’t say enough good things about South Coast Pet Hospital. They really are part of our extended pup family. Woof!” – Mallory, June 2015

“The doctors and their staff are always very friendly, helpful, and gentle with Hunter. They make you feel welcome and take their time in caring for Hunter. We are very pleased and satisfied with their wonderful service. Thank you….” -Chris T, October 2013

“Very nice staff and vet. They let me walk in and were very accommodating.” -Diane A, October 2013

“So loving with my pets! They have the best attitude!” -Jessica P, October 2013

“Everyone Is very nice and professional. I get calls the day after my visit as a check up for my dog. Everything is kept clean and fresh.” -Anonymous, October 2013

“It was my first time going there and I was very impressed with their service.” -Anonymous, October 2013

“Very attentive. Puts the needs of pets before everything else. I love how they are so caring and understanding. I didn’t have money to pay for everything in one day so I asked for a payment plan and they were glad to put me on one. Very clean and respectable. The vet and assistants are so nice and caring. My dogs vet just sat on the ground and played with my dog to calm him down before receiving his shots. Very good vet. Not afraid to get down and dirty for their pets.” -Carmina V, September 2013

“Dr Kim and the rest of the staff did a great job. Thx.” -Adam P, September 2013

“Mocha came in to get her nails clipped. Thanks for treating her so kindly, for the quick professional service, and for the great prices. We’ll be back.” -Daniel T, September 2013

“Yesterday, I took our peek-a-poo ‘Charlii’ into SCPH as a walk-in for a grooming. But as it turned out I was informed that he needed his annual shot. We took care of that which puts our mind at ease knowing that his record is up to date. The groomer did an awesome job… Charlii got a lot of hugs from the kids after school yesterday! Thanks too Anna for your help and friendly service! ( :” -Stephanie W, August 2013

“very friendly and exceptionally low cost. glad I found this clinic.” -Donald C, August 2013

“Wonderful and caring. Dr Kumar. And Anna. thank you. I will tell all my animal lovers.” -Ashley T, August 2013

“I have never encountered such a welcoming staff and friendly Vet/Dr as this. It is going through remodeling right now but I am sure the outcome is going to be great. We got plenty of advice on our Doberman puppy and helpful comments about research I had already done. The prices are extremely reasonable and the process/explanation of Duke getting his first vaccinations was thorough and helpful. I’m glad we chose South Coast Pet Hospital!” -Yoana, August 2013

“This is a great team of awesome, caring pet lovers. I have gotten great service and advice from them and Dr. Kumar is the best!” -Genevieve S, July 2013

“The Staff Is Very Friendly To Start Off, Dr.Kumar Is Fantastic She Explained Exactly What Shot Was For What And My Puppy Loved Her She Went In To Brief Detail About Everything And You Can Tell That She Loves What She Does” -Vlaney G, July 2013

” ***Under New Ownership*** The new owner, veterinarian is awesome. She is so friendly and helpful. They have cleaned up the store and the staff is really helpful now too! Their prices are very competitive. If you went before, you really should give them a try now! I am so pleased and so is my cat. He was a nervous wreck the first time we went before the new owner took over. We have been back twice and he doesn’t mind a bit now!” -Kristen G, June 2013