While taking care of our pets’ internal health is a top priority, their external health is very important as well. Our experienced groomers are available 7 days a week and would love the opportunity to care for your pet and foster a good relationship of trust and compliance with you and your furry baby.

All furry family members must be current on vaccinations, please see our Preventative Care Page for a list of vaccinations and pricing.

Our services range in price by weight:

Bathing Grooming
Dogs < 20lbs $25 - $35 < 20lbs $49
21-40lbs $35 – $45 21-40lbs $59
41-60lbs $45 – $55 41-60lbs $69
61-80lbs $55 – $65 61-80lbs $79
81-100lbs $65 – $75 > 80lbs $85
> 100lbs $75 – $85

If fleas are observed by the groomer, a fast-acting flea treatment is administered orally and a medicated bath with be performed at a fee of $10.

  • Cats $60 (A $6 fee is applied if fleas are present)
  • Exotics $65 (A $5 fee is applied if fleas are present)

Quick Tips

Our Doctors recommend bathing your canine companion every other week to maintain a healthy skin and coat, as well as monthly nail trims. Many uncomfortable and/or painful conditions can be avoided by regularly trimming the nails!

Getting your pet bathed here with us is an excellent time for a quick ear cleaning to complete the spa day! The ears of dogs and cats can become very dirty and may even harbor yeast or bacteria as a result of normal scratching they do with their paws.

The services we provide here include, but are not limited to:

  • Teeth Brushing
  • Internal anal glands
  • Ear flush
  • Nail Dremel

Any pet unable to be handled will require sedation and exam.