Here at South Coast Pet Hospital, we have a well-trained staff equipped to assist our veterinarians in performing high quality dental work from the simplest to complex extractions. At our disposal is also state of the art equipment and cutting edge digital dental radiography capabilities.

  • Dental Cleaning for pets 25lbs and under – $200.00
  • Dental Cleaning for pets 25lbs and over – $250.00

Extractions not included.

Dental Radiographs
– $35.00 per quadrant
– $140.00 full mouth

Prior to any anesthetic procedure, bloodwork is strongly recommended by our veterinarians.

In House Bloodwork

  • Under the age of 5yrs (Chem 10/CBC) – $110.00
  • Over the age of 5yrs (Chem 17/CBC) – $151.00
  • Electrolyte Panel – $37.00
  • SDMA – $43.50